A  SIGNATURE PROJECT.                                                                           

                                                                                                                                          Our lions  club has been doing  a Project under Campaign Sight  First  at Yusuf Meherali Centre  since 1987  .This is an Institution which is registered as a  Trust under Khadi  and Village Industries  Commission catering to the needs of villagers and adivasi residents in and around Panvel.This Institution was introduced to me by our Past President Ln Dr. P.H. Udas  and late Ln Prabhakar Vaidya . This project was started by our club In 1987 when I was the President of our fine club. We started this project at a very small scale of conducting  20 cataract operations  and this sapling has grown  to a big banyan tree and our club is performing  yearly more than  200 cataract operations with provision of  Intra Ocular Lenses   [IOL’S]. Every year we visit this Institution and financially assist alongwith provision of IOL’S  in conducting  cataract operations for needy patients from mofussil  area in and around village Tara. The real beauty of this project is that this is being done by our club as a self financing service project . The members of our club voluntarily donate for certain number of operations and some members donate for IOL’s  and then finally the help is provided to needy patients. This has become a signature project of our club  as continuously for the last  26 years we have continued this project. Besides cataract operations  we have also  started donating sarees to Adivasi women and also we are making provision for supply of  food grain bags to needy adivasi  residents . We have also provided airconditioning  equipment to  Operation theatre at this Centre. Over last 26 years we have financially helped in conducting  more than  3000 catarat operations at this institution. Every year 2nd October it is a date with Yusuf Meherali Centre and  25 to 30 lion members  visit and participate in this Project .The aggregate project cost for all these  years will certainly cross Rupees  20 lacs and we intend to do much more every year as it is a worthy cause to help the needy patients in a mofussil area.

                     Besides  cataract operations we have also done a project of providing a Water Purification Plant  alongwith other organization  of the capacity of providing 5000 litres of potable water  per day and this has proved as a boon to nearby villagers who are getting advantage  of this availability of  clean drinking water  facility. The total cost of this joint project was over RS. 8 lacs.

                   We pray almighty to give us more financial strength to do more and more for needy patients from this moffusil area.

Lion Shyam Karmarkar 25.11.11