Secretary’s Report



They say ‘‘man is always learning till he reaches his grave’’. So very true it is. I always thought that being a seasoned Lion of 30 Years; I know it all, but I was proved wrong at the Lions Club of Mumbai Carter Road as its members are of a different level. They are always there for you; I did learn a lot as most of them were very co-operative & helpful each time. I am thankful to the Nomination Committee of the club who thought if fit to nominate me for the coveted Post of the Secretary of the Club, ceremoniously installed by Lion Narendra Bhandari, Past International Director


The first 9 Months of this 2014-15 Lionistic Year flew by and I am proud to state that it was full of quantitative service projects, day in & day out.

The list if compiled will be very long & repetitive but I got to highlight few things which makes the work of Lions Club of Carter, a different league.

Not a single Month from July till date passed by without having more than1 Regular Meeting, Board Meeting, Innumerable Service Projects & a weekly FRD meeting from its day of inception  i.e.19th Jan 2015, our District Governor’s official visit  to our Club till the D-Day i.e. 2nd April 2015. It is this personal touch with member that binds us and boosts up our Charity collections tremendously & we are able to carry out need based mega service activities.


Just to mention a few:

1) “Each one Teach one Reach one” Projects at innumerable venues.


2) Sending 6 Students to Anthony Robbins Foundation our sponsors at San Diego to attend Global Youth Leadership Summit.


3) Blood donation Camp on 17th July.


4) ‘Invest in equities time is now’ a very informative & vibrant speech by

     Oswal Securities Ltd.


5) Teachers Day


6) Numerous Service activities at Yousuf Mehrally Centre on 2nd Oct 2014, to begin our Service week ably supported by further contribution by our members.


7) Mega Medical Camp at Guru Harkishandas School on 5th Oct.


8) Our prestigious Cataract Operation Camp at Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram.


9) Providing & installating a Gobar Gas Plant at Gagangiri Ashram.




The list is endless. All this is not possible without the Fund Raising Drive taken up every year under the 1st V.P. This year Lion Prakash Kodnany left no stone unturned to succeed in a mammoth collection of funds. Our members were very generous and put in untiring efforts to raise funds to the tune of Approx. 30 lakhs and more is still coming in. The Fund Raising Drive musical programme Sangeet Bahar was a runaway success with nearly 1000 people attending and were glued to their seats till the end of the programme. The icing on the cake was the Chief Guest Actor Jeetendra who stayed with us for a couple of hours and responded by saying that he would love to come back year after  year to a programme where funds are collected to help the needy  and the down trodden of the society.


We also had our play & honouring time.


1) Our Charter day Celebration at Mystic Valley at the mizzly (mist and drizzle) hilly locales of Igatpuri was a memorable one and the proceedings were conducted in the most novel manner by our very own Lion Shariar Karim.


2) Musical Nites at Club level and Fund Raising Drive.


3) Combining Service activity with enjoyment, dancing with the elderly inmates, fun & frolic at Baba Pawar Vrudhashram are just a few of our regular activities.


This Year the confidence of Carter Lions have taken a big leap and we are in the process of initiating & funding the installation of 6 Dialysis Machines  at Prabhodhan, Goregaon at the cost of Approx. 45 Lakhs. Major Donor of 5 Machines is our very own Lion Kanaksinh K Babla.

In addition to this our mercy mission contribution to the society is always Rs.1 Lakhs & above every month, sometime as much as 2.5 lakhs

The list is endless & I can go on forever.


Although funds are raised by Fund Raising Drive every year, but it would not be out of place to mention the contribution of certain Lion Members & well-wishers whose donation & collections swell our figures tremendously & assist us in our projects seeing the light of day.


To name a few of the Lakhpati club


1)   Lion Kanak Sinh K Babla

2)   Lion J.K Babla

3)   Lion Ajay Babla

4)   Lion Mahendra Asher

5)   Lion Shashi Kiran Shetty

6)   Mr. Atul Ramaiya

7)   Mr. Deepak Sampat

8)   Lion Jagdish Capoor


How could we forget our Treasurer Lion Mahendrabhai Asher a Selfless Lion who has always been instrumental in bringing a lot of contribution and he along with President Lion Jeetendra Kakoo have been my Pillars of strength & have been instrumental in our performance for which the Club members and the District and other Lions of District hold our Club in high esteem.

‘‘Imarat Akeli foundation se nahin Complete hoti’’ our entire battery of charter Members, past Presidents, trustees, Directors & all members in some way or the other have been instrumentally in building the Colossal ‘Imarat’ called the Lions Club of Mumbai Carter Road, being rated as one of the leading Club of District 323 A3 by all leaders, I am sure the day is not far when we will be leader of the leading Clubs.


The bigger picture was also very encouraging. The district functions under the able guidance of District Governor Lion Hemant Duggad were one better than the other and not forgetting the well planned PST school at the mesmerising Mystic Valley at Igatpuri and the important dates with Zone Chairman Lion Kamlesh Dalvi & the Region Chairman Lion Pragnesh Kapadia, whose Social & Conference respectively were memorable & very well attended by our Club Members. We boast of the following Club JEWELS in the District Crown


1) Lion J.K Babla

2) Lion Anmol Sekri

3) Lion T.S Anand

4) Lion Shariar Karim

Whose contribution to the District is commendable.


There could not be a more appropriate platform than this to once again extend my sincere thanks to all the Club Members for their guidance and assistance to me throughout the year and heartiest Congratulations to all our Donors & Club members who have toiled hard to bring in loads of Donation so that we could bear the fruits of our success and helped us once again to achieve the title of “Carter Lions Club Par Excellence”.  


Lion Charanjit Singh Anand


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